Dental Emergencies

Dental Emergencies

It’s the weekend or after hours and you have a dental emergency. You may not be able to reach the Dentist right away so what should you do. Ways to avoid emergencies are by wearing a mouth guard when playing sports, maintaining regular checkups and getting treatment done on time. Here are some common emergencies and how to manage them until you can schedule and see your Dentist.  


 You can always reach us via phone and tell us your symptoms. Depending on the symptoms, and recent visit, antibiotics and pain medication can be prescribedPlacing an ice pack to your face at the affected area. Use only cold packs, a heat pack can worsen the symptomsIf your gums are hurting, make sure to clean and floss around the area and rinse out. You can also take a combination therapy of 500mg Tylenol with 600mg Ibuprofen every 6 hours. Be careful not to exceed over the maximum dosages.  

 If a Tooth is Knocked Out 

Always try to keep the tooth. First try to put in back in the socket without any force, if not possible put it in a small container of milk, or a cup of water with a pinch of salt. The best way to restore is to get to a dentist within 1 hour to have it splinted.  

If you chipped or broke a tooth 

Try to save any pieces and rinse your mouth. Place gauze on any area that is bleeding and apply pressure.  

Filling falls out 

If you have a filling that has broken or fallen out, you can use a piece of sugarless gum to close the space to prevent food impaction. You can also use over the counter temporary Dental filling material.  

Crown Falls Out 

Try to orient the crown so that it fits back on to the tooth, you can use some toothpaste to line inside of the crown and place it back in.  


If you have swelling, an abscess this is a serious condition and needs to be addressed as soon as possible before it spreads to other areas. Call the office immediately so that it can be addressed, and appropriate referral is made 

Please contact us via phone at 516 388 5002 or via email at [email protected] right away so that we can help address the emergency and provide you with appropriate care.