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Pediatric Dentistry
We provide care for children as young as 1. Under 3 we welcome kids to our office for a "fun visit" where we give them a ride in the chair and show around the office to try get them comfortable in a dental office setting. We will do all treatment in office unless it is complicated or should the child need sedation.
Walk-In Emergencies
We welcome walk-in emergency cases
A Veneer is a non-invasive procedure to give you a great aesthetic result. 
We do regular and surgical extractions of wisdom teeth as well. Wisdom teeth are case by case, in case of perceived complications we will refer out
A fixed treatment to replace missing teeth. Implants are placed in office as well as restored here. If you have an existing implant, we can restore it with a crown.
Dental Exam
A comprehensive oral exam for adults and children including visual cancer screening
We provide full and partial dentures to replace missing teeth. We can also repair dentures in most cases within the same day.
Root Canal
In case of an infected tooth, a root canal is done to save the tooth. It is the complete debridement of the nerve canal of all the roots of the tooth and then the canals are filled back and later restored with a post, buildup and a crown. With the use of rotatry instruments these can be done usually in one day.
Tooth Fillings
We provide composite (white) fillings
Dental Cleaning
A thorough cleaning as well as Deep cleaning services. As well as fluoride application for children
Zoom Whitening
Zoom Whitening is your answer for anyone who wants a brighter smile. The Zoom! In-Office Whitening System uses proprietary technology to whiten your teeth in a little over an hour while you relax at our office. We will also provide you with custom whitening trays for at home maintenance.
Digital X-rays
We take digital X-rays which means that you are exposed to a much lower radiation level.
Full coverage porcelain fused to metal as well as metal free Emax crowns
Fixed bridge appliance to replace missing teeth

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