Dental Exam

Dental Exam

On your visit to PDM Family Dental, we do a comprehensive exam. That includes going over your medical history, dental history. What brought you to us and any concerns or phobia you may have. We want to be able to address your concerns first. We do a complete exam with X-rays. We do charting of what you have existing in your mouth, as well as the needed treatment. All treatment is presented with pros and cons. We take pictures with an intra oral camera to help you see what is inside your mouth. We go over any parafunctional habits, nutrition, and go over good oral care. We are also looking for any lesions that could be cancerous. It is imperative that your medical history is complete and accurate. Please be honest with it and keep us updated with any changes. Exams are updated on your subsequent checkups, so please keep us notified of any changes at any time.

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