Surviving COVID

Surviving COVID

From the Desk of Dr. Parul Dua Makkar

Owner of PDM Family Dental

We are all in some unprecedented times. Schools canceled, outdoor activities canceled, weddings and celebrations canceled. Most of us are home, practicing safe distancing and enjoying some quality time with our family. A big Thank you to those that are out there on the front lines keeping us safe and our pantries stocked. We are all trying to adjust to the new norm. We are trying to get those projects that we have procrastinated on. Get that garage cleaned or the storage room organized and purge that playroom. Most parents have realized that why they never chose to homeschool and how underpaid the teachers are.

As we all try our best, we should also make sure we keep our bodies and minds healthy. Getting on the treadmill, practice those dance moves and maybe try to meditate. Let’s not forget our mouths and taking care of our teeth. Let’s make sure that we and all your family members are brushing twice a day. Not to get a wee bit lazy after watching a movie on Netflix and munching on late night snacks like popcorn or chips. Make sure you floss regularly because we all know a toothbrush isn’t effective on removing plaque between teeth. If you have any missing fillings that are being held off until mandates are over, try to cover those with Lost filling and cap repair from a local pharmacy such as CVS. Also try to avoid eating anything too sticky and hard. Same goes for any temporary crowns that you may have.

If you notice any pimples on your gums or any swelling or are in pain call us immediately! We can prescribe appropriate medication and guide you how to get it taken care of. We want to limit of you going to the Emergency Rooms at the Hospitals and limit exposure to COVID. If you have had any facial injury that needs immediate attention, please call us so that we can do our best to help you. If you are wearing a denture and are developing sores, try to limit the use of the denture and use saltwater rinses to help heal the area.

Do make sure that you are eating a healthy diet. Limit the use of high sugary foods and use of sodas and juices. Having a healthy diet will keep not only you healthy but also keep your teeth healthy. Use more fruits and vegetables and drink lots of water to keep hydrated. Remember to get outside to soak in some sunshine and replenish Vitamin D. Love and hug your loved ones. We are always reachable via 516 388 5002 or on email at [email protected]

We are all in this together and going to get through this. Stay positive, keep distance, stay safe and always be kind to one another.